April 2020 – 2nd Class

Thursday 30/04/20


Gaeilge – An teilifís

Is maith léi an leon (She likes the lion). We use léi for a girl.

Maths – Money

Sese- Birds

Wednesday 29/04/20

Gaeilge -An teilifís

Is maith leis an leon (He likes the lion). We use leis for a boy.

Maths – Money

Use coins from your money box to help you.

Art – Design and active poster or try my art activity below!

Tuesday 28/04/20

Gaeilge – An teilifís

Math – Money

Why not sort and count your piggy bank money!

Religion- Prayer after Communion

Music – Sing it!

Can’t stop the feeling

Brilliant school work and active work today from 2nd class!

Monday 27/04/20

Gaeilge- An teilifís

Maths- skip counting (counting in 8s)

skip counting


To all my wonderful 2nd class boys and girls,

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break with your families and are ready to get back to work! I have lots of different lessons planned for you this week. If you are finding any of the lessons difficult please let me know by email sorcha.j.mooney@gmail.com and I will do my best to help! I am missing you all very much and hope you are all keeping well and staying safe at home. I look forward to seeing all of your lovely work and pictures this week!

Here is your work for this week.homework week4

Ms. Shaughnessy.

Monday 20/04/20

An Nuacht 

Tuesday 21/04/20

Gaeilge – No need to print sheets just take it down in your copy! Ba mhaith liom – I would like.

Math – Capacity. If you don’t have some of the items below Don’t Panic use different measuring containers you have instead (milk cartons, yogurt pots, your school bottle, etc.)

It might be best to try this next math activity outside. Have fun!

Religion- We give thanks to God for…

Sphe – Healthy foods

Music – Sing it out!

youve got a friend – toystory

Some wonderful work sent in today! Great first day back…Well done 2nd class!

Wednesday 22/04/20

Gaeilge- Bua na Cainte is the online programme we use in 2nd class. You can download it for free using the following link. The username and password is trial. If you do download this resource you can access games and lessons to help your child with each worksheet. This week we are covering lessons from the theme ‘sa bhaile’.

Thug Mamaí úll dó ( Mammy gave him an apple) dó=him (we use for a boy)

Read the words and sentences and answer Q1-5 in your copy.

Maths – Capacity.

Investigate different liquid items around your house…check to see if they measure in litres or millilitres. (milk cartons, washing up liquid, water bottles, soup pots, frubes etc.)

Sphe – unhealthy foods

Sese – Food in the past

Read Moira’s story and answer the questions below in your copy.

Art- don’t forget to tune into the home school hub on RTE2 @ 11am today for the art lesson on stenciling. I am going to try it too!! If you miss it don’t worry you can catch it on RTE player later in the day.

Thursday 23/04/20

Gaeilge – Sa Bhaile. Thug Mamaí piorra di (Mammy gave her a pear) di=her. We use di for a girl.

Math- Capacity. Draw these activities into your copy.

Sphe – healthy foods

SESE- Food and work

Read the text and answer the questions in your copy.

Friday 24/04/20

English – some superhero colouring!

superhero colouring

Math- Capacity

Complete the worksheet in your copy. Then play some of the fun Friday games from the links below.

What is 1/2L in ml? 1/4L? 2/4L?



Drama – tune into the home school hub on RTE2 at 11am for their fun drama lesson.

drama_fun family games

drama_mime cards

Sese- Food and Growth

Read the text and answer in your copy.

Fun Friday – Have fun with some of these activities I have posted!

calm jar – Copy

Mr Potatoe

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend everyone!


It’s Easter!!!!!!

Well done on all the great work you’ve been doing! I have been beyond impressed and very proud. You all deserve a well earned Easter break! Try to get outside to play and exercise as much as you can…it will keep your mind and body healthy! Remember, I am always here to help… sorcha.j.mooney@gmail.com!

Happy Easter everyone,

Ms. Shaughnessy.


Good morning everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed a nice break from schoolwork over the weekend and are ready for a fresh week of work. Here are your activities for this week. homework week3  I have loved seeing all your videos and pictures so please keep sending them to me. sorcha.j.mooney@gmail.com. I will post any worksheets or additional links you will need for work tasks below. Keep the super effort up!

Stay safe,

Ms. Shaughnessy.