Cairdeas 2

Hello children !  Hope you all had a nice weekend and are keeping well and safe. Here is the link to the last weeks homework before the Easter holiday. Maths work for O on the link underneath. There are some links to interactive maths games at the bottom of the page. Remember just do what you are able to do. Don’t forget to take a photo of your work if you can and email it to me at: I love to see your work ! Mrs. Kearns.

Cairdeas 2 Homework Mar 30th-3rd Apr 2020

Maths work 30th Mar-3rd Apr 2020 O

This week RTE 2 will be broadcasting “school on TV” Mon -Fri from 11am-12pm. You can send in photos of any work you have done to them .For supporting worksheets and materials click  here 

You can listen to a story by David Walliams every day. Just here for the link.

If you would like a nice book to read this is a great website….and it’s free to join!

Here are some nice mindfulness colouring sheets to might like to do also.

If you would like to do some SESE check this link and complete the lesson on Week 2 based on “Ponds”( Day 4)

Remember to keep washing your hands and exercise safe distancing.

Don’t forget to get some exercise by joining Joe the Bodycoach every morning or check out GoNoodle or you could try this exercise! Change it up by spelling the day of the week instead!

Interactive Maths games JK JC O

Interactive Maths games J A D

Extra activities JC JK A O

Extra activities Jaz D

If you missed any of the previous work I have given you here it is!

Homework 18th-27th March 2020

Don’t forget to check in every weekday for further suggestions of work you can be doing at home.
Mrs. Kearns