Cairdeas 2 – Archive 2019-20


Week 15th-19th June 2020

Only two weeks left children until our summer holidays so this week your homework will be a little easier I hope!

Remember the listening exercises we did in school? I’d like you to try one each day this week. You will need an adult to print out the instructions and worksheets. If you don’t have a printer don’t worry.



This is the last week of the School Hub on RTE 2 at 11am every morning. This is an overview of the week’s schedule:

RTE_Home_School_Hub_overview 15-19 June 

Here are some suggested lessons you might like:   

RTE School Hub Week 15-19 June

Finally, we would normally be doing our sports day this week in school so I have some ideas you might like to try! Remember it is important to be active every day!

 Monday:Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday: Click here for a 5 minute workout with Joe!

Wednesday:Yoga Poses

Thursday:Sports day activities

Friday:Click here for another workout with Joe!

Feel free to do any other activities you wish instead!

Have a great week children and I will be in contact with your parents to arrange our next zoom meeting.   

Well children , we are almost at the end of the school year so you will be glad to hear this will be the last week of written homework! I’m sure whoever is helping you at home will be happy to hear that too !

This is your homework for the week ahead…..and keep sending in photos of all your work… I love to see them !

Cairdeas 2 Homework 8-12 June 2020

Again there are nice lessons on The School Hub this week. Her are some I thought you might like.

School Hub Week 8-12 June

This is an overview of the weeks lessons on The School Hub so will know what times they are on at. Remember, if you miss a lesson you can always catch up on RTE Player.

home-school-hub-week overview-june-8th-to-12th

Exercise is very important too so here is a little dance you might like to try. Get the adults to do it too! 




Hello children….hope you are all getting outside and enjoying the fantastic weather safely. It was super to see you in our Zoom meeting and hearing about all the your news . Hopefully we will chat again before the end of June.

This is your homework for the week ahead. 

Cairdeas 2 Homework 2-5 June 2020

These are some suggested activities to do from the School Hub which is on RTE 2 every day at 11am or in sign language at 1pm. 

School Hub 2-8 June 2020

Have a great week everyone….and keep sending in those photos!


Hello again children! Delighted to see all the wonderful work you have been emailing me! Well done and keep it up. We have only a few more weeks until the Summer holidays. This is your homework for the week. As always just do what you can.

The weather will be nice this week so put down the screens and get outside and enjoy it !

Cairdeas 2 Homework 25-29 May 2020

These are some suggested activities to do from the School Hub which is on RTE 2 every day at 11am or in sign language at 1pm. 

School Hub 25-29 May

This is the timetable for the School Hub.

school hub timetable 25-29 May

Have a lovely week everyone!  

P.S. Check out the homepage on the website to see some of your wonderful work!

17th May 2020

Hello Children. It was lovely to talk to your parents again. They told me about the fabulous work you have all been doing. I am so proud of you all…well done! This is your homework for this week. Just try your best. If you find some of it too difficult you can leave it.

Cairdeas 2 Homework 18-22 May 2020

The School Hub is on RTE 2 daily . I have suggested some lessons below you might like to watch.

18-22 May 2020

The weather will be nice early next week so get out and do some exercise.

You can also click here for a short dance routine from GoNoodle!

Don’t forget The Bodycoach has a daily workout which you can access here.

Have a great week children and keep sending me those photos!

Hello children! I hope you all got outside to enjoy the beautiful weather we just had! This is your homework the coming week. Again, only do what you can.

Cairdeas 2 Homework 11-15 May 2020

Click below for some suggested activities on the School Hub daily on RTE 2 at 1pm.

School Hub 11-15 May

Remember it’s important to keep active. Check out Joe Wicks “The Bodycoach “ for 5 minute workouts!

I love to see your photos so keep them coming!!

 Mrs. Kearns.


At this stage children we have all heard the disappointing news that school is closed until the Autumn. So I will continue to post your homework every week. I will also add some other suggestions e.g. from the School Hub on RTE 2 . Just do what you can. Remember try to get some exercise every day too !

This is your homework for the week 5th-8th May 2020.

Cairdeas 2 Homework 5 -8 May 2020

Suggested lessons from the School Hub:

Tues 5th May: 3rd/4th class Art lesson designing a dreamcatcher.

Wed 6th May: 1st/2nd class Science lesson…designing a crisp protector!!

Thurs 7th May: 3rd/4th PE class.

Fri 8th May: 3rd/4th class Geography lesson about the counties of Ireland or 1st/2nd class Music lesson .

The School Hub is on RTE 2 daily at 11am and in sign language at 1pm.

Have a great week everyone.! Keep safe and keep posting all those great photos !               

Mrs. Kearns

1st May 2020

Best of luck with your spelling test today children! Just a reminder, if you have completed any of the Active Schools challenges during the week fill in the form below please.

5. CHALLENGE Chart (Schools Working Towards ASF) ‘Fillable’ PDF

26th April 2020

Hi children! I hope you are all well and keeping as active as you can. I am missing you all and hope it won’t be too long until I see you again.

Here is your homework for this week: Cairdeas 2 Homework 27 Apr-1 May 2020

This is an outline of what will be on the School Hub daily this week.


You can see it at 11am every weekday. Note a sign language version can be seen at 1pm daily! These are some suggested lessons you might like to look watch:

Mon: 1st/2nd class History lesson on the children of Lir.

Wed: 1st/2nd class PE lesson on gymnastics…I think you like this one!!

Thurs: 3rd/4th class lesson on Sign language! This should be easy peasy for you all!!

Fri: 3rd/4th Maths lesson on lines and angles.( For O, A JC and JK only.)

Remember you can get extra activities based on these lesson by clicking here.

Also if you miss an episode you can catch up here.


Food Dudes: Remember the video you watched last week . Click this link if you missed it. Watch this short video.This time divide a page into six parts and draw the six different categories  of vegetables, labelling them underneath.Take a photo of the pictures and email them to me please.


Active school week 

As part of active school week Miss Leonard will be posting some activities on homepage of our website. Make sure you check in every day to see her suggestions…..and don’t forget to take photographs of your activities and your homework and email them to me! I love to see all you are doing.

Keep safe and do whatever work you can!

Mrs. Kearns 




     23rd April 2020

Active Schools: Next week is Active Home Week!  Miss Leonard would like you all to make suggestions for activities to do. In particular she would like the new committee members to suggest something. JC maybe you can make up a short gymnastic routine, record it and email it to me at .Check the website on Monday for more details. There will be a form to complete on Friday with great prizes e.g hoodies for those who complete it!

Food Dudes:Are you remembering to eat your fruit and vegetables? Watch this short video. Divide a page in quarters and draw the four kinds of fruit ,writing the names underneath.Take a photo of the pictures and email them to me please.

20th April 2020

Hello children !

Welcome back everyone. Hope you all had a fantastic Easter and didn’t eat too many Easter eggs!! Did you get my card?

I am setting some work for you to do for the coming week. Just do what you can. Don’t forget to take a photo of your work if you can and email it to me at: I love to see your work !

Here’s your homework for the week 20th-24th April 2020.

Cairdeas 2 Homework 20-24 Apr 2020pdf

Maths for O click here

Click here for some extra activities from Twinkl.

Remember you need to use the following code when you log into Twinkl website: IRLTWINKLHELPS

Being active is very important too so check out Joe, the Body Coach everyday here.

Click here for some nice SESE lessons. The lessons are as follows:




Thurs-Life cycle of the butterfly and frog.

Lastly, don’t forget to tune in to RTE 2 every day from 11am for the School Hub!

Have a good week and I look forward to seeing all your work! Mrs. Kearns.



Cairdeas 2 Homework Mar 30th-3rd Apr 2020

Maths work 30th Mar-3rd Apr 2020 O

This week RTE 2 will be broadcasting “school on TV” Mon -Fri from 11am-12pm. You can send in photos of any work you have done to them .For supporting worksheets and materials click  here 

You can listen to a story by David Walliams every day. Click here for the link.

If you would like a nice book to read this is a great website….and it’s free to join!

Here are some nice mindfulness colouring sheets to might like to do also.

If you would like to do some SESE check this link and complete the lesson on Week 2 based on “Ponds”( Day 4)

Remember to keep washing your hands and exercise safe distancing.

Don’t forget to get some exercise by joining Joe the Bodycoach every morning or check out GoNoodle or you could try this exercise! Change it up by spelling the day of the week instead!

Interactive Maths games JK JC O

Interactive Maths games J A D

Extra activities JC JK A O

Extra activities Jaz D

If you missed any of the previous work I have given you here it is!

Homework 18th-27th March 2020

Don’t forget to check in every weekday for further suggestions of work you can be doing at home.
Mrs. Kearns