The Confirmation ceremony for our pupils in 6th Class took place on Saturday 1st August.  We were all so disappointed that the original ceremony due to take place on March 13th had to be postponed but now almost five months later, with certain restrictions,  we were able to celebrate this wonderful occasion together.

Congratulations to all involved!

Everyone in the school wishes all of 6th Class the very best in the years to come.


Class Allocation 2020/21

Classes for the new school year will be as follows:

Junior Infants: Ms. Galvin

Senior Infants & 1st Class: To be recruited in the summer.

2nd & 3rd Classes: Mrs. Shaughnessy  (please note Mrs. Shaughnessy will be on maternity leave in September. A teacher will be recruited in the summer)

4th & 5th Classes: Mrs. Hyland

6th Class: Mr. Hyland

Cairdeas 1: Ms. Leonard

Cairdeas 2: Mrs. Kearns

Special Education Teachers: Ms. McGrath, Mrs. Bell & Ms. F Walsh