5th & 6th Classes

Some Ideas for the Easter Holidays.

Here are some ideas and links to websites that might help you pass some time over the holidays. Most are suitable for all classes.

Don’t forget RTE School is on at 11am every day.

Keeping Active:

Joe Wicks PE for Kids

TJ Reid Fitness & GAA Skills

Yoga for Kids

Kidz Bop Dance

Dancing with GoNoodle

GAA Activities

Holy Week & Easter Resources:

Resources from our Diocesan Website

Holy Week & Easter Work

Art & Crafts:

Art for Kids Hub

Drawing with Don Conroy

Crafts for Kids

Whimsy Workshop Directed Drawing

Art Bee

Mindfulness Colouring

More Mindfulness Colouring

Animation Tutorials

Reading & Books:

Join the Library

Audible Audio Books for Kids

Storyline Online

Primary Planet Magazine for Kids

Oxford Owl


Maths Playground

Oxford Owl Maths


Maths is Fun

More Maths Games



Cód na Gaeilge

General Resources:


Twinkl  Join for free by using the code IRLTWINKLHELPS

Science Fun

Horrible Histories

Countries of the World for Kids

Make a Time Capsule to remember this Historic Time of Covid 19

Cooking for Kids with Jamie Oliver

Theo Michaels Home Economics on Mon/Wed/Fri

Music with Myleene Klass

Resources for Children with Special Needs from the National Council for Special Education

Discover Wildlife







Monday 30th March – Friday 3rd April:

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all keeping well.

Once again I was really impressed with your work from last week.

Try your best again this week with the work I set for you.  If you have any questions or are unsure about anything email me on geashillns1@gmail.com.

Don’t forget to help out around the house, keep yourself as occupied as you can and have some fun along the way.

This week RTE are going to start School on TV on Monday.  It will be on for an hour each day and is aimed at 1st to 6th Class pupils. It begins at 11am. There might be something on it that interests you.   I’m very happy for you to spend time watching this and to do some of the work suggested instead of mine.  As always this should be decided between you and your parents!

Remember also that Joe Wicks’ PE for Kids is live each morning at 9am.

You can also access free audio books here.

You can join the library here which will give you free access to lots of various resources.  Your parents might like this too.

Keep sending some of your work to me at geashillns1@gmail.com.

Ms. Mc Grath’s pupils can contact her on trishmcgrath2016@gmail.com. I know she’d love to see some of your work.

Pupils of Mrs. Bell can get in touch on mrsdbell20@gmail.com. She’d also love to see some of your work.

Ms. Walsh’s pupils can get in contact on fwalshsen@hotmail.com. I know she would also love to see how you’ve been getting on.

Gallery of Friday’s Work:

Work for Friday 3rd of April:


  • Get someone to ask you this week’s spellings.
  • Put the last 8 words into sentences.  You can put more than one of the words into the same sentence if you wish.


  • Click here and be a detective to solve the Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume.
  • You need to read the instructions carefully and work out the clues to solve the mystery.
  • Be careful! The answers are on the 8th page which is the last page. Don’t look at them until you have given it a go! It will spoil the fun.
  • You don’t have to print out the sheets but you can if you like.


  • To finish off our Holy Week and Easter work look back at the end of yesterday’s video and see the passage below about Easter Sunday.
  • Write a sentence or two and draw a suitable picture.


On Easter Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The Easter season continues until Pentecost Sunday.


  • Map Skills Book pg45, 46 & 47.

Art: You can do something from my suggestions below if you like.

  • Look here to get some ideas for Easter art.
  • Choose a card and try your best to make it.

Hatching Chick Card

 Pop Up Easter Card

 Pop Up Card

 Rabbit and Carrot Card

Gallery of Thursday’s Work:


Work for Thursday 2nd of April:

A couple of things that you might like over the next while.

Also, some more GAA skills and other learning activities are available here.

Then click on the teacher section and select primary school activities.


  • Activities G & H pg 53.


  • Just Grammar: pg 34 A & B into the book. These are about homographs-words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.
  • A bit of help with B. The homographs are: moped, content, tear, wind, excuse, present, resent and does.
  • So even though I’ve helped you with that bit you still need to put them into sentences, showing the different meaning to the ones already done.  You might need to look up the meanings for some of these.


  • Bun go Barr lth 39 I
  • Bun go Barr lth 39 J. Don’t write this out.  Just read through it and see if you can work out what goes where.


  • Write 3 or 4 sentences about Good Friday.  Use the video and the passage below to help. At the end of the video it deals with Easter Sunday.  We’ll be doing that work tomorrow. Just concentrate on the Good Friday part for today.
  • Draw a picture to illustrate what you have written about.


On Good Friday we remember that Jesus died on the cross. In church on Good Friday we listen to the story of Jesus’ death and then we are invited to come and kiss the cross. On this day we celebrate Jesus’ triumph over death and that is why we call the day ‘Good.’


  • Watch this video from Dr. Dan.  It’s all about how fridges work.  Like last week, no writing.  Just watch.


  • Both classes give 1,2 and 3 a try.
  • Again, work out the pattern first, then apply that to complete the sequence.
  • With the fractions you can look at the numerator (top number) and denominator (bottom number ) separately.  Find the pattern that is happening in the numerator and continue the sequence .  Do the same then in the denominator.

Gallery of Wednesday’s Work:

SPHE Picture

Work for Wednesday 1st of April:


  • pg 53 E & F


  • Bun go Barr lth 37 E & F


  • Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.
  • Follow the instructions on this video to create a butterfly.
  • Instructions to make a box can be seen here.
  • Watch this video to make a swan or crane.
  • They are not simple.  I think the butterfly is the easiest and you could all manage it.  I did! The other two are more challenging. Try to do the butterfly.  Some of you might like to do more!


  • Write three or four sentences about Holy Thursday.
  • Draw a picture of The Last Supper.
  • Use this video and the following passage to help you.


Jesus knew it was time to leave his friends and he wanted to share one last meal with them. We call this meal The Last Supper. Jesus did two very important things at the Last Supper; he washed his disciples’ feet and then he took bread, broke it, gave thanks and shared it with his friends. He did the same with the cup of wine. Then he told his disciples to ‘do this in memory of me.’ So every time that we go to Mass we are remembering what Jesus did at the Last Supper and doing what he did. At the end of this Mass the Blessed Sacrament is removed from the Tabernacle and brought to a special place in the church called the Altar of Repose where it will remain until Holy Saturday when we next celebrate Mass.


  • 6th Class: pg 154 number 3. Remember to do the multiplication bit first even if it comes second in the sum.
  • 6th Class: pg 155 number 1 E to L. Remember to do the part inside brackets first.
  • 5th Class: pg 168 number 1 and number 2. In 1 just draw the next two terms for each one.  In number 2 work out what the pattern is first, then you should be able to finish the sequence.  E.G. 5, 8, 12,17…  The pattern is +3,+4,+5 so the next should be +6. Therefore the sequence will continue 23,30,38.
  • The answer to yesterday’s teaser is 43.

The 1 runner is worth 5. The boy is 5 but he is wearing a pair of runners which is 10 and he is holding 2 packets of popcorn which is 4. So the boy is worth 19 altogether. The one packet of popcorn is worth 2.  The sum then reads 5+19×2.

Now remember the multiplication has to be done first. 19×2=38. Then 5+38=43.

Gallery of Tuesday’s Work:

Work for Tuesday 31st of March:


  • Unit 25. Do activities C & D pg 52.
  • Write good sentences with the next four words.


  • Bun go Barr lth 36 C 1-6
  • lth 37 D 1-4


  • PALM SUNDAY reminds us of how Jesus came to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Passover with his friends. He arrived into the city on a donkey and the people waved palms and shouted ‘hosanna’ as he passed by. This was their way of showing that they believed that Jesus was indeed the ‘Messiah,’ the one sent by God to save them. This is why we bless palms and carry them in procession to church at the beginning of Mass on Palm Sunday. Then we take the palms home with us and put them somewhere that we can see them during the coming year. The priest wears red vestments today because red is the colour of blood and reminds us of Jesus’ death on the cross. 
  • Using the above and yesterday’s video write three or four sentences about Palm Sunday and draw a suitable picture.


  • The PE classes with Joe Wicks  are great. Do today’s if you can.
  • Today’s football skill challenge can be seen here..
  • Cycle your bike safely for 10 mins if you can.
  • Do a dance of your choice from GoNoodle.


  • 5th Class: pg 158 Busy at Maths number 3 g to l.
  • 6th Class: pg 153 Busy at Maths number 1 & 2.  Work out the pattern of each one first, then complete the sequence. e.g. 3,6,9… the pattern is +3 each time so the sequence will continue with 12, 15,18 etc.
  • Both classes, for a bit of fun see can you work this out:
  • One hint! In a sum with addition and multiplication the multiplying has to be done first. e.g. 7+4×5=27
  • I’ll put the answer up on Wednesday.


  • From what you’ve read in Chapter 3 add some more adjectives to your character sketches from last Thursday.
  • Answer these questions about Chapter 3 in you copy.
  1. Why was Tommy Doyle in bad form?
  2. How did Jimmy feel as the Home Defence Force or the Gorgeous Wrecks came closer?
  3. As the old man became ill how did Jimmy feel?
  4. After the old man collapsed Jimmy and Tommy, “took to their heels.” What does that mean?
  5. Why was Ma happy with Jimmy?
  6. According to Jimmy why had Mick visited Ma?


Gallery of Monday’s Work:

Work for Monday 30th of March: 


  • Unit 25. Do activities A & B pg 52.
  • Write good sentences with the first four words.


We’ll continue revising our work from Bun go Barr.

  • Read lth 34 & 35.
  • Do questions B, 1 to 10.


  • 6th Class: pg 156 Busy at Maths number 7 to 11. Work out and do in your copy.
  • 5th Class: pg 158 Busy at Maths. Read over number 1 a to f.  Match the correct number sentence with the written sentence. You don’t have to write these, just work them out in your head.  Then, using what you’ve seen in number 1, do number 2 into your copy.  Copy the word problem and then write the correct number sentence.


  • Read Chapter 3 of Guns of Easter.
  • Pick one scene or event from the chapter.  Write a brief description of what happens, no more than three sentences.  Then draw a really good picture of the scene/event.  Make sure to colour it in.


  • Draw your version of this tablet screen into your copy.
  • Around the outside of it write some of the things you use the internet for.  There are some hints on the page.
  • Of course you can include school work/homework on it now!
  • Inside the tablet draw/write your favourite thing you use the internet for. Decorate it and make it as colourful as you can.
  • Of course you could choose school work/homework for that part too!!!!
  • Finally, talk to your parents about all of this and discuss some of the good and not so good things about the internet.


  • Watch this video about Palm Sunday.
  • We’ll do some work on it tomorrow.

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th March.

Well done everyone for the great work from last week.  I was really impressed.

Take a look here for live PE classes with Joe Wicks every morning at 9am.  Fun for all the family!!

David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day for the next 30 days.  They might be fun.  You can find them here.

Like last week email some of your work to me. You can also ask me any questions you might have.

PLEASE NOTE A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS:  geashillns1@gmail.com

Only use this new address to contact me.  Thanks.

Ms. Mc Grath’s pupils can contact her on trishmcgrath2016@gmail.com. I know she’d love to see some of your work.

Pupils of Mrs. Bell can get in touch on mrsdbell20@gmail.com. She’d also love to see some of your work.

Ms. Walsh’s pupils can get in contact on fwalshsen@hotmail.com.  I know she would also love to see how you’ve been getting on.

Friday’s Gallery of Work:

Well done for all the great work again today.

Work for Friday 27th March:


  • Get someone to ask you the 16 spellings from this week.
  • See if you can write a funny paragraph using as many of the 16 words as you can.  It can be as silly as you like.


  • Map Skills Book pg 44
  • Map Skills Assessment Book pg 26 & 27


  • Try your best to work these out.
  • A few reminders: Number 1 does not mean 11×2. Remember when we did about square numbers. Take a look back in your copy.
  • For number 5 work out what the fraction would be over a hundred, then the percentage will be very easy to find.
  • Last Friday’s answers are below:


  • Hopefully you are doing the classes with Joe Wicks.  They are very good and lots of fun!



  • Remember the famous woman in history that you researched on Wednesday?
  • If you can, make up a crossword about her using the crossword maker from Monday.  It can be found here.
  • If you can’t, just make up 6 to 8 questions about her in your copy.
  • If you need to find out anymore information about her remember to use Researchify.
  • Instead of the crossword, if any of you can create a Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation about the woman you have researched, I’d love to see it!

Gallery of Thursday’s Work:


Work for Thursday 26th of March:


  • Do activity G on page 51
  • Practice spelling all 16 words.


  • Take a look at this video.
  • No written work.  Just watch and enjoy.


  • Bun go Barr lth 32 H 1-12.  Verbs at the top of the page will help you.


  • Do the chihuahua drawing from yesterday, if you didn’t get it done.
  • If you feel like doing another one take a look at this video of how to draw a corgi.


  • 6th Class: pg 156 Busy at Maths 1-6. Work them out in your copy.
  • 5th Class: pg 157 Busy at Maths 1,2,3 and 4 into your copy.


  • Guns of Easter: CHARACTER SKETCH. Take a separate page in your copy for each of these four characters: Lily, Jimmy, Mick and Ella.
  • Write their name and draw their picture in the centre of the page.
  • Draw an artistic frame around each picture.
  • Brainstorm appropriate adjectives, with evidence from the text, to describe each character.
  • Write in the adjectives for each character around their picture.
  • You will be able to fill in more as we read more of the book.
  • Ask yourself what type of person is each of these characters?
  • This list might help.

Gallery of Wednesday’s Work:


Work for Wednesday 25th of March:


  • Complete E & F on pg 51.
  • Write 4 more sentences using 2 of the spelling words in each.  Use the 8 words that you didn’t use yesterday.


  • Bun go Barr lth 31 F 1-5
  • Try E also. Write the 3 sentences that are in the book and try to make up 3 more using the same pattern- Is beag nár verb person noun/Is beag nár chonaic an múinteoir na páistí ag pleidhcíocht.  See how you get on.


  • Last week we drew daffodils.  This week we’re going to try dogs!
  • Take a look at this video and see can you do it as well.
  • When you are happy with it, colour it, put a nice border around the page, write your name on it and send it in to me.
  • If you’ve time, take a look at this video of how to draw a chihuahua. You can do it on Thursday if you prefer.


  • Busy at Maths 6 pg 112 Draw the trend graph as accurately as you can into your copy.
  • Answer the questions a to h based on the graph.
  • Remember: spring = Feb, March and April; summer = May, June and July and so on.
  • Be careful with long multiplication.  Last week I noticed a few mistakes such as forgetting to put down the zero at the start of the second round of multiplying.  Also you only put in the decimal point once you have done the adding part at the end of the sum. This might help!


  • Look at pg 50 in your History Books.
  • Read the chapter.
  • Pick one of the women mentioned and find out some more information about her. A good search engine for children is Researchify. It produces child friendly results.  Give it a go for this task.
  • Write no more than 10 interesting facts about her.
  • We’ll use this information later this week.

Gallery of Work from Tuesday 24th of March:


Trend Graph



Work for Tuesday 24th of March:


  • Unit 24. Do activities C & D on pg 50.
  • Put the first 8 words into 4 sentences using 2 spelling words in each.


  • Read lth 28 &29 again.
  • Do C lth 30 and D lth 31.  Do you remember what ar an mbealach means? These might help. Ar an mbealach amach, dún an doras.  Ar an mbealach amach, múch na soilse.


  • Read Chapter 2 of The Guns of Easter.
  • Answer these questions in your copy.  Full answers please so no need to write the question.
  1. Where did Aunt Ella live?
  2. Who is she married to?
  3. What does he do?
  4. What had Da asked Jimmy to do before he left for the army?
  5. What do you think Ma’s “Policeman’s voice” was?
  6. Write 3 things you learned about the “Gorgeous Wrecks”.pg 21 has lots of information about them.


  • Complete this trend graph in your copy.
  • Find the average temperature for each week.


  • The PE classes with Joe Wicks are great.  Do them if you can.
  • Today’s football skill challenge can be seen here. This one is good for lots of sports.
  • Cycle your bike safely for 10 mins if you can.
  • Do a dance of your choice from GoNoodle.


  • Watch the video from yesterday again or read the story again.
  • Divide a page of your copy into 4 quarters. Draw a picture in each quarter telling the main parts of the story.  If you need to draw more pictures go on to another page.
  • You can write one short sentence in each box also, telling what is happening in that picture. We did something similar in school for the Good Samaritan story a few weeks ago.  Don’t worry if you don’t have your Religion copy.  You can use one you brought home.

Gallery of Work from Monday 23rd March:

Cyberbullying poster

Work for Monday 23rd of March:

  • Unit 24. Do activities A and B on pg 50.
  • Find the meaning of any words you’re not sure of.


  • Read lth 28 & 29 Bun go Barr
  • lth 30. Do B Cúpla Ceist 1-10


  • Try this crossword based on Chapter 1 of Guns of Easter.
  • Crossword can be printed here also.
  • You can make your own crossword using this site. You might like to play around with it and see if you can make one. It doesn’t have to be about the novel. Maybe use your spelling words as answers and come up with clues to match.


  • Draw this multiple bar chart in your copy.
  • Complete the missing sections.
  • Answer the questions a to d.
  • Remember! To calculate the average of 3 amounts you add the three and then divide your answer by 3. For 4 amounts add the four and then divide by 4. In this question there are 5 amounts.
  • You should have a title for the graph as well.



  • Watch this video about Jesus healing the blind man. We’ll do some work on it during the week.
  • You can read the story here if you prefer.


  • As we might be spending more time online these days it might be a good idea to do some work on Cyberbullying again.
  • Click here and then open tr13 Stop Cyberbullying. Click on the different sections to see and hear what you should do.
  • Pick one piece of advice and design an attractive poster about it.

Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th March

Hello everyone!

First, a few general ideas about what to do these days.

Keep busy, do a variety of things and don’t spend too long on devices, Playstations etc.!!

Make sure to keep active.  Remember www.gonoodle.com is good for that. Read lots and maybe at the end of each day keep a diary of what you’ve done.  You could use your homework diary for this if you like or else create your own.

There are some examples of activities you could do to pass some time on the sheets below.  Some of these are probably for younger children but you might enjoy doing them anyway.

Your work for each day can be found as you move down the page.


First completed work received from Tadhg, Caolan, Grace M, Grace K and Conall on Wednesday morning!  Lots of great work from Holly, Saoirse, Katie and Rachel.


More lovely work from Jack E, Chloe and Colm and many more! Well done everyone.


Come on everyone!  Get some more sent in to geashillnsoffice@gmail.com!!

Work for Wednesday 18th March:


  • Unit 23. Do some activities on pg 48.
  • Find meanings of any words you’re not sure of.
  • Put first 8 words into good sentences.


  • Read lth 20 & 21 Bun go Barr
  • lth 22. Do B Cúpla Ceist 1-10
  • lth 22. Do C 1-6


  • Read Chapter 1 Guns of Easter
  • Write a summary of the chapter.  You can do this in point form if you wish.  (No more than 10 points!) You can watch a video by clicking this link.  One thing! Don’t use highlighter on the book!  Tips on writing a summary.
  • Pick one sentence or scene from the chapter and draw a really good picture of it.  Don’t forget to colour it in! If you wish take a photo of your picture and send it to geashillnsoffice@gmail.com.  Make sure you put your name on it.


  • Work out the sale price for each of the items above.
  • 25% off all blue items, 40% off yellow items and 30% off everything green.
  • Remember you can do them the fraction way or the decimal way.
  • Loads of examples in your copies from last week!

PE: These are just a few suggestions.  Do them at least 3 times each day!

  • Play the game above on your own or with all the family! Draw the game board and colour it as above.
  • Run outside (if you can) or inside or on the spot for 5 mins.
  • Do 50 star jumps.
  • Practice some football or basketball skills. Football Skill Video
  • Cycle your bike safely for 5 mins if you can.
  • Do a dance of your choice from www.gonoodle.com


  • Take a look at this guide to drawing a daffodil.
  • Practice a few times.
  • Pick your best one, colour it in well, and put a nice border around the page.
  • Take a photo of it and send to geashillnsoffice@gmail.com.  I’ll put them up on this page!

Some great work again on Thursday.  Well done!

SPHE Poster Rachel

SPHE Poster Ava Farrelly

Work for Thursday 19th March:

Finish off anything you didn’t get done from yesterday.


  • Unit 23. Do some activities on pg 48.
  • Make up good sentences with the last 8 words.


  • Read lth 20 & 21 Bun go Barr.
  • lth 23  Do G 1-5
  • lth 25 Do J


  • Guns of Easter – Read pg 8-10 again.
  • Write down all the examples from those pages of the poor living conditions in Dublin at that time.
  • Then, write a newspaper article about the terrible living conditions these families were living in.
  • Put a catchy headline on it and draw a good picture to go with it.
  • When all that is done email it to the school if you can.


  • Find the sale price of each of these items.
  • Remember again to use either the fraction method or the decimal method.
  • Work them out in your copy.


  • Draw your own poster promoting Hand Hygiene.
  • If your SPHE copy is in school do it in one of the copies you brought home.
  • Make it clear what your message is.
  • It should be colourful with good use of pictures also.
  • If you prefer you could design it on your computer.
  • Again, send it in when it’s finished.


  • Using what you learned yesterday try drawing this:
  • You can use colouring pencils, markers or paint.
  • Enjoy doing it and if you like, send it in to me by email and I’ll publish them here.
  • Make sure to put your name on it!
  • You could use this as the front of a Mother’s Day Card if you like.

A lot of really good work received again on Friday.  Well done everyone and enjoy the weekend!

Work for Friday 20th March:

Again, if you’ve anything left over from yesterday try to finish it.


  • Get someone to ask you this week’s spellings from Unit 23.
  • Try to write a funny paragraph using as many of the 16 words as you can.  It can be as silly as you like.


  •  Bun go Barr lth 24 I 1-5
  •  Bun go Barr lth 52 A 1-6


  • Just Grammar pg 32 and 33.  Use a dictionary (online or otherwise) to find the meaning of any words you’re not sure of.
  • Also, try to get Just Grammar up to date if you have some pages from earlier in the book that aren’t finished.


  • Try these 18 sums.
  • Write them out in your copy and work them out as best as you can.


  • Map Skills Assessment Book pg 23 Grid References. Use your Map Skills Book pg 34-37 to help you with these.
  • If you can, draw a rough plan of your garden or a section of it. (bird’s eye view). Remember your plan should be drawn inside a box.
  • You could choose a suitable scale such as 1cm : 1m.
  • Draw symbols for some things in your garden.  Make them up if you want!
  • Divide your plan using gridlines just like in the books.
  • Write the grid references of each of the things that you drew symbols for.
  • I’d love to see how you got on with these.  Take a photo and email me! Make sure your name is on it.


PE: These are just a few suggestions. Do them at least 3 times each day!

  • Run outside (if you can) or inside or on the spot for 5 mins.
  • Do 50 star jumps or jumping jacks.
  • Practice some football or basketball skills. Football Skills Video
  • Cycle your bike safely for 5 mins if you can.
  • Do a dance of your choice from www.gonoodle.com
  • Play the Colour Dash game from Wednesday.