May 2020 – 2nd Class

Friday 29/05/20

English – Zoom Gloom.

Read the poem ‘Zoom Gloom’ by Kenn Nesbitt. Write your own rhyming poem. Use Kenn Nesbitts’s rhyming dictionary to help you. Here’s the link ->

Gaeilge – Litriú

Maths – Fraction test

Try your best to complete the test on your own. Don’t forget to recheck your work when your done. Correct with someone at home. See if you can work out any mistakes you’ve made.

Sese – All about teeth

Read all about the different types of teeth we have. Use the link to download the powerpoint ->

Friday Fun – Art!

‘Musycling’ – Check out some of the musical instruments you can make using waste materials.


Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Take care,

Ms. Shaughnessy

Thursday 28/05/20

English – Grammar

Let’s learn about conjunctions. A conjunction links parts of a sentence or joins two simple sentences together. E.g. but, and, or, because, so, if.

Answer A+B in your copy.

Gaeilge – An Samhradh

Read the word math and complete the worksheet linked below.

Gaeilge worksheet

Maths – Fractions


Sese – My Teeth

Chat with mammy or daddy about getting your first tooth and losing your first tooth. Fill in your tooth facts.

Music – Sing it!

Why not try learn some of the actions too 🙂

Wednesday 27/05/20

It was so lovely to see and chat everyone yesterday. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you to all for a attending and to parents for helping with all the technical difficulties and facilitating calls. 

English – Poetry

Gaeilge – Litriú

Maths – Fractions

Religion – We can Jesus’ work

Sese – The Dentist


drama_mime cards

drama_fun family games


Tuesday 26/05/20

Today is our class video call!!! I’m very excited to see you all and catch up with everyone. I have sent each of you details viva email to join the call. The class call starts at 11am…I hope to see you all then 🙂 

English – Phonics

Phonics ai and ea. Remember when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking and we say the letter name. Complete the phonics worksheet on ai and ea.

Q.A. Make up 5 sentences using the words. Complete B+C in your copy.

Gaeilge – An Aimsir

Math – Fractions


Do your own research on ‘ The Society of Missionary Children’. Find out what they do here

What is a missionary? Watch the video below.

Sphe – Feeling safe and unsafe.

Read Sammy’s story. Talk about it with a parent. Discuss the questions posted with a parent. Draw a picture of a time you felt safe.

Music – instruments

Read about the different types of musical instruments. musical instruments

Answer in your copy.

  1. What is your favourite instrument and why?

2. What instrument can you play?

3. What instrument family does it belong to?

Monday 25/05/20

English – Poetry

Gaeilge – An Nuacht

An Nuacht

Maths – Mental maths


I hope my voice note reached you all on Saturday.

I was so happy to hear that you all marked the day in some special way with your families. Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos with me. I have posted a photo montage on the homepage for you all to see 🙂

Here is your school work for the week. homework week8 Don’t forget I’m always here to help Keep up all the great work boys and girls.

*Remember to keep active…

Enjoy some D.E.A.R. time

Friday 22/05/20

English – Poetry

Read the poem below. Using the mind map create a  chorus poem like the one below.

More Kenn Nesbitt…

Gaeilge – litriú

Math – Data

Music – Listen and respond

Sese – Counties in Ireland


Friday fun! Enjoy the weekend everyone 🙂

maze fun1

Thursday 21/05/20

Good morning boys and girls,

I hope you’re all enjoying the wonderful weather we’ve been having. I would like to arrange a class video call with you all next week. I just miss you all so much and would love to catch up with everyone.  I am hoping to have the class call on Tuesday at 11am. I will need your email to add you to the group….please email me at to confirm if you can make it. I can’t wait to see you all 🙂

English – Poetry and Grammar

Read the poem. Complete the grammar worksheet. Remember nouns are naming words. They name people, places and things e.g. Conor, Ireland, train.

To read more of Kenn Nesbitt’s poems check out the link posted –>

Gaeilge – Siopadóireacht

Tá leitís uaithi  – She wants lettuce.  We use uaithi for a girl.

Math – Math Challenges.

Sese- Map of Ireland 

Study the map and answer the questions in your copy.

Music – sing it!

I just cant wait to be King_lyrics

Wednesday 20/05/20

English – Poetry

Read the poem. Answer in your copy.

Use the word web to help you come up with words for your poem. Draw a nice picture to go with your poem too 🙂

Gaeilge – Litriú

Maths – Data

Draw the block graph into your copy. Use the information provided to draw the graph. Label and colour. Don’t forget to use your ruler.

Religion – May Altar

Start creating a May altar in your home.

Sese – Tourist map of Ireland

Look at the map of Ireland (you might need to zoom-in to look at it in closer detail). Read the different tourist sites and identify the counties they are in. Using the map, answer the questions below.

Drama – Some fun family drama games

drama_mime cards

drama_fun family games

Art – Space!

Can you remember the names of all the planets? Check out the poem below to help jog your memory. Try one of the space art ideas I have posted below.

space craft activity

Remember not to worry about the school work I have posted. Do what you can each day and just try your best! Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂

Tuesday 19/05/20

English – Poetry

Read the poem and answer A in your copy. Complete the star and B orally (discuss with someone at home).

Gaeilge – Siopadóireacht

Tá leitís uaidh  – He wants lettuce.  We use uaidh for a boy.


Sphe – Teeth

Read and answer the following questions.

  1. Why did Josh lose a tooth?
  2. Why was he pleased to lose a tooth?
  3. Discuss the differences between milk teeth and permanent teeth?
  4. Why is it important to take care of our teeth?

Religion – God created the world and us!

Tin whistle – Óró sé Do Bheatha Abhaile

A great start to the week everyone! Keep up the super work 🙂

Monday 18/05/20

Gaeilge – An Nuacht

An Nuacht

Math – Maths Challenge


Another great week of work from my wonderful bunch of boys and girls. I am missing you all very much and have really appreciated all the lovely messages and pictures you have been sending. This week was to be a very special week for our class. Unfortunately, we must wait a little longer for our special day.  Msgr. Coonan will be saying mass on Thursday morning at 10am. He’ll be especially remembering the Communion classes in our parish. It can be viewed viva the Ballinagar Church webcam on website.

Here is your work for the week.homework week7

Try your best and don’t forget if you need help with any of the work just let me know

Ms. Shaughnessy.

*Remember to get your exercise in…

Friday 15/05/20

English read and answer the questions in your copy.

Match each word to it’s meaning. Find another word that means amazing.

Gaeilge – read and write in your copy.

Sese -Earth, Moon and Sun

Complete in your copy.

Music – Sing it!

Count on me

Thursday 14/05/20

Don’t forget Msgr Coonan is saying mass at 10am this morning. He’ll be especially remembering the Communion classes in our parish. It can be viewed viva the Ballinagar Church webcam on website.

English – Amazing Galapagos Islands

Read and answer the questions in your copy.

Gaeilge – siopadóireacht

Read and answer questions in your copy.

Math – Data

Answer A+B in your copy. Try draw the block graph in your copy (use your ruler).

Sese – Space travel

Read all about space travel and complete the timeline in your copy. Why not research some more facts on space travel. Write some of the interesting facts you find.

Wednesday 12/05/20

Gaeilge – Cé mhéad (how much)

Math – Data

Answer in your copy.

Religion – Adam an Eve

Sese – Space and Planet Earth

Art – Space art

Draw your own space art or use the template provided -> space art

Use crayons, chalk, paint, gel pens, markers or whatever materials you like….be creative!

Monday 11/05/20

An Nuacht

Tuesday 12/05/20

Gaeilge – Siopadóireacht

Ar cheannaigh Mamaí prátaí?- did mammy buy potatoes.

Cheannaigh Mamaí prátaí – Mammy bought potatoes

Níor cheannaigh Mamaí prátaí  – Mammy didn’t buy potatoes

Math – Data

Complete the worksheet below in your copy.

Religion – Adam and Eve

Read and answer in your copy.

Music – tin whistle

Well done on all your great work for Active Home Week! I hope you all enjoyed it! I have really loved seeing all your pictures and videos. I look forward to seeing more of your work this week.

Here is this weeks work!homework week_6

All my wonderful communion boys and girls, I am extremely proud of all the effort and preparation you have put in for your First Holy Communion this year. The big day will come and it will be all the more special!

Ms. Shaughnessy.

Bishop Denis sends his greeting and words of encouragement to all who are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion. 

A Message to All Preparing for First Holy Communion

Bishop Denis sends his greetings and words of encouragement to all who are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion.

Posted by Kildare & Leighlin Diocese on Friday, May 1, 2020



Friday 08/05/20

Gaeilge – Cén t-am é?

Tá sé a seacht a chlog – it is 7 o’ clock

Tá sé leathuair tar éis a seacht – it is half past 7

Tá sé ceathrú tar éis a seacht – it is quarter past 7

Tá sé ceathrú chun a seacht – it is quarter to 7

Read the clocks below.

Draw the clocks into your copy.

Math – Money

Check out what’s for sale in the toy shop below.

For question 1 you need to work out how much change you will get. Use money coins to help you.

For question 2 you need to work out how much two items cost. Here you work out by adding the two items using tens and units.

Sese – Ants

Using an old jar or even a cup – collect a soil sample from your garden. Try collect soil from an area you might find some ants. Complete the table and questions below in your copy.

It’s Friday! Try some of these fun Friday activities.

drama_mime cards

extra home_activities

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Thursday 07/05/20

Gaeilge – Cén t-am é?

Tá sé a seacht a chlog – it is 7 o’ clock

Tá sé leathuair tar éis a seacht – it is half past 7

leathuair – half hour

Bí ag léamh.

Draw the time into your copy.

Math – Money

You will need your money box to help you. Count out seven 10cents…what do you have? Count out nine 5cents etc. You are skip counting like in your tables.

For question 2 and 4 you can work out your answers by subtraction using tens and units. Remember the subtraction rules we use in school.

rule1 – More on top no need to stop.

rule2 – More on the floor go next door and borrow ten more.

rule3 – When numbers are the same zero is your game.

Sese – Ants

Read the ant fact file and then do some research of your own.

Draw and label the part of the ant. Answer in your copy.

Wednesday 06/05/20

Gaeilge – Cén t-am é?

Tá sé a naoi a chlog – it is 9 o’ clock

Tá sé leathuair tar éis a naoi – it is half past 9

leathuair – half hour

Read the story. Draw the time on the clocks in your copy.

Math – Money

Remember it is very important to practice your tables every day. Skip counting (counting in 2s, 3s, 4s etc) is the foundation for multiplication and division tables next year.

Don’t forget to use your money box to help you with the work. Count 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c coins. The more you count and work with real coins the more you will learn.

Religion – May is the month of Mary

Download the powerpoint below. Create a may altar in your bedroom or home. Colour the picture below or draw your own picture of Mary. Can you remember what colour Mary wears? Once you have set up your may altar pray to Mary. ‘Hail Mary…’ Can you say it without your prayer book…


Sese- The Ant and the Dove

A fable is a story that teaches us a lesson called a moral. Watch the video story. Answer the questions in your copy.

Music – tin whistle

tell me ma Lyrics

Tuesday 05/05/20

Gaeilge – An nuacht

An Nuacht

Religion – We receive Jesus in Holy Communion

Grow in Love (2nd Class programme)
Veritas Ireland has given FREE access to the Grow in Love website. You may login on with the following details:
Password: growinlove

Art – Dream catchers

Tune into the home school hub on RTE today at 11 am to try out their Dream catcher art. I will be tuning in to try it too!

27th of April – 1st of May “Active Home Week”

Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for working so hard and sending me lots of work last week. It makes me very happy to see such wonderful work being done at home. I am one very proud teacher!

This week is Active Home Week!!! 

If you were in school this week you would all be very active doing lots of different physical activities each day but unfortunately, this year is a little different. Ms. Leonard and the Active School Committee members have been working hard to come up with different home activities you can do each day. Let’s try our best to ensure we keep our beautiful active flag by being as active as we can this week!!!

I have reduced the amount of school work this week to allow extra time for active work.

homework week5

Please ensure you fill in and return the Challenge Chart to me at the end of the week We need as many forms as possible to retain our Active Flag! Ms. Leonard even has some exciting prizes up for grabs but you need to return your challenge chart to be in with a chance to win!!

CHALLENGE Chart (Schools Working Towards ASF) ‘Fillable’ PDF

Don’t forget to continue with hand washing, social or physical distancing and staying within 2km of your home!

Have a super active week everyone!

Friday 1/05/20


Math – money

Draw the coins needed for each purse in your copy.

Create as many money sums as you can using the coins below.

Sese – birds around the world

Read and answer in your copy.

Friday fun

Enjoy the weekend everyon